About us

Ancient World Magazine is run by a group of ancient historians and archaeologists who believe that rigorous research into the past should be widely available and easy to find.

This website is run by a small collective of ancient historians and archaeologists. We are passionate about the past and hope that our content will give an idea of the many splendours that await you upon engaging with the ancient world.

As the name suggests, Ancient World Magazine doesn’t try to be comprehensive like an encyclopedia. Our content emphasizes depth rather than breadth, with the total output nevertheless covering a good if incomplete range of different cultures, regions, and periods. Our articles are written by trained professionals about topics that they’re passionate about. Each author writes using their own voice and from their own point of view. We hope you’ll find our work interesting.

The website was launched in 2017 and shut down in March of 2022 due to a lack of funds. However, since Ancient World Magazine fills an obvious void on the internet, i.e. opinionated articles about the ancient world that don’t shy away from offering social commentary on contemporary issues, we decided to relaunch in June of 2023. Please don’t mind the mess as we regain our bearings.

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Editorial team

Ancient World Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief is Dr Josho Brouwers. Contributing Editors are Dr Jo Ball, Dr Matthew Lloyd, Dr Joshua R. Hall, and Dr Owen Rees.

Submissons for articles are primarily reviewed by members of this editorial team, supplemented with specialist readers when necessary.


For general inquiries, please e-mail us at info@ancientworldmagazine.com.