Sculpture in the ancient Greek world, part 1

Joshua Hall, Matthew Lloyd, and Josho Brouwers sit down to talk about sculptures in the ancient Greek world. In this first part, we deal with sculpture from the pre-Classical periods.

The team talks about sculpture in the ancient Greek world. There was a lot of ground to cover so we decided to spread it out across two episodes. Our focus is mostly chronological and we start by talking about sculpture from the Bronze Age Aegean. We then talk about sculpture of the Early Iron Age, consisting mostly of small figurines. In the Archaic period, the Greeks started creating monumental stone sculpture, mainly the so-called kouroi and korai, which are depictions of young men and women, respectively.

There are a few articles on the website that deal in more detail with some of the things we talked about in the podcast. There’s a recent article on the terracotta statues from Ayia Irini, one on the Horns of Consecration, as well as articles on the Harvester Vase and Chieftain Cup, an article about the Agia Triada sarcophagus, one about the Dark Ages (including the Lefkandi Centaur), an article about the Mykonos relief vase, and an article about the tyrannicides sculpture group. Pictures of many of the objects we talk about in this episode are included in this page’s gallery.

Be sure to check out part 2 of this podcast.

This episode is also available on YouTube.